"CyberCyclists experienced a 23% reduction in progression to mild cognitive impairment compared to traditional exercisers."

- American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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A Major Breakthrough in Senior Wellness

CyberCycling has been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer's and Dementia much better than traditional exercise. It keeps you feeling sharp, young, and independent. Plus it's a ton of fun!

CyberCycle Dimensions of Wellness

It's not just a bike. It's a Wellness Program

With your CyberCycle, you get monthly leaderboards and turnkey challenge programs. CyberCycle programs are easy to run and incredibly popular! CyberCyclists can challenge others from next door or around the world. Everything is tracked online automatically.

Increase wellness participation

Grow your cognitive health program

Attract new residents

Reduce resident cost

Feels Like the Real Thing

Steer and shift just like an outdoor bike. Your resistance adjusts to the on-screen terrain.


Keep up the level of interest and engagement with over 40 virtual roads to ride on.


It's all about having fun. Older adults love the games on the CyberCycle.


It is simple to set up a pacer with the appropriate level of effort for the rider.


Ghosts represent a riders previous best effort. Challenging a ghost provides strong motivation to improve.


Leverage social relationships when riders ride together and see each other on their screen.


Automatically track and report on the activites of individual riders and groups.

CyberCycle Communities

CyberCycles are currently available in these top communities and wellness centers.